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Step 2 : Plan your ceremony. Check the rules for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. Step 3 : Give notice. Step 4 : Get married or form a civil partnership. If you need a copy in the future you can order one online. You are currently viewing: Get a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate. Step 5 : Update your details. Tell DWP about a change in circumstances Tell HMRC you got married or formed a civil partnership You might also need to tell banks, private pensions and other organisations.

You can use your marriage or civil partnership certificate to change your name if both: you're listed as female in official documentation you want to take your partner's name In all other situations you can change your name by deed poll. Change your name by deed poll. Is this page useful? Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page?

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The team approach combined with a responsive Leadership Team provides CPSP the best shot of realizing a healthy and growing market place for our members. CPSP with its team model will have multiple intersections of dynamic collaboration taking place.

Such collaboration will reach to the very core of our life together in chapters and in to our life together as a vital community with a unique and creative mission in the clinical pastoral field. In addition, each team will periodically offer virtual forums for CPSP members as a means to further engage the grassroots. At this level of collaboration, it is anticipated that positive and profound impact on the mission of CPSP. I encourage you to remember, CPSP was forged out of a deep belief that healthy institutions must be forever dynamic and changing as a means to best serve those who people them.

In short, CPSP has always been an experiment.

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Thus far a successful one. Perry Miller Editor, Pastoral Repot perrymiller gmail. If not, it is not too late. Reserve your room online by clicking on this link: Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel, or call or go to the Sheraton Oceanfront website. Please contact Krista Argiropolls if you have questions.

Relief efforts continue in the Philippines and donations are coming in a bit slower but none the less continue to arrive in the mail!

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Your generosity will assist the survivors in gaining back some normalcy in their lives. The hundreds of survivors that were moved to Manila are trying to find jobs, homes and simply to survive. Our CPSP colleagues continue to provide support in a multitude of areas especially in providing emotional support for survivors as well as those who are assisting the survivors. We will continue to ask for your support as several of the CPSP — Philippines members are researching a long term project to assist in starting gardens for the survivors to plant and tend.

Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for life.

Please consider sending a donation today. Any amount you can afford will make a BIG difference. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go directly to the people via our CPSP Philippines colleagues. The New Amsterdam Chapter, New York with the Philippines team continues to be committed to bringing help and healing to our typhoon Yolanda Haiyan survivors.

Barbara A. Army retired. This symposium was well attended by over chaplains, CPE student interns, social workers, physicians, clergy and other interested individuals. It was a free symposium made possible by a a grant from the Auxiliary at Northwest Medical Center — Springdale, Arkansas. A questioner asked: We want our patients to receive chaplain services and want to ensure that our patients are not proselytized.

How can we do this? We trust that the following would address some of the concerns about proselytization:. Colleagues, students, clients, parishioners, and patients deserve our respect. Therefore, members will not proselytize nor impose their own theologies on others. CPSP members will refrain from exploiting relationships or using them to their own advantage.

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Records, evaluations, personal notes, and informational conversations will be kept confidential. The characterological make-up for ministry, including an ability to bond with others, an ability to give attention to others, and a tolerance for diverse religious traditions and values. Endorsement by a faith-group community to perform ministry. A Master of Divinity degree or equivalent, which means three years of post-graduate academic study. CPSP affirms the right of the hospice patient to have that care provided by a religious professional from the patient's own faith tradition.

CPSP advocates that religious professionals employed by hospitals or hospice programs work cooperatively with parish clergy so as to facilitate ongoing pastoral support by community clergy. CPSP acknowledges the patient's right to refuse the provision of pastoral services. Pastoral Evaluation in the Clinical Pastoral Tradition:.

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George Hankins Hull, Dip. Log in. Pastoral Report Pastoral Report Previews. Pastoral Report Articles. To get a copy of a vital record, contact the vital records office in the state where the event occurred. Replacing all important documents that were lost or destroyed in a flood, fire, or other disaster can be overwhelming.

Although the process varies from state to state, these general steps can help you get started. If you lost your home, contact your local post office. Ask if you can pick up your mail there or request to have your mail forwarded to a temporary location. Find the vital records office in the state where you were born.

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Check to see if you can get a certified copy of your birth certificate with no identification. If you can, follow the ordering instructions. Some states accept alternate ways to verify your ID. You may have to contact your state to find out what it requires. For example:.